The Office of the University Registrar

The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) is responsible for a variety of services for its constituents. These include student admission and registration; grade reporting, transcript of records generation; and the maintenance of academic records. The OUR also provides certification of student enrollment and earned units/degrees, development of the academic calendar and management of the Academic Information Management System (AIMS). It also provides assistance and acts as Secretariat to the University and Executive Committee meetings. The OUR will continuously strive to provide better service by improving its existing systems through the development of more online services and applications. At present, the OUR is composed of the Admissions Section, Registration Section; Student Records and Appraisal Section; and EDP Section.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Office of the University Registrar

Admission Section

The Admission Section receives application for admission documents and assures that requirements are complete. The section oversees the admission process of the university from application to admission. It provides assistance to prospective students by answering admission-related inquiries, supervising admission exams, and sending notices to applicants.


  1. Answers inquiries on admission process and requirements.
  2. Receives application forms and sends notices to applicants.
  3. Conducts preliminary evaluation of applications.
  4. Supervises administration of admission exams.
  5. Provides administration support to online application system (OAS).

Registration / Enrollment 

The Registration and Billing Section oversees the enrollment process and administrative support to online registration system (ORS). This section also processes claims for refund and reimbursement, prepares statement of account and sends out bill of collection to sponsoring agencies of scholars. It also facilitates requests for photo ID cards of bonafide students.


  1. Facilitates requests for cross registration and change of matriculation requests.
  2. Processes photo ID cards for bonafide students.
  3. Processes claims for refund and reimbursement.
  4. Sends out bill to of collection to sponsoring agencies of scholars and free tuition grantees.
  5. Provides administrative support to online registration system (ORS).

Records and Transcript Section

The Student Records and Appraisal Section maintains the academic records of the students from enrollment to the University to graduation from their chosen program/degree. All documents submitted and transactions to the University pertaining to student academic progress are accurately encoded in the student database and filed/recorded at the student’s folders. The Section also warrants the confidentiality of student’s personal and academic records.


  1. Creation/maintenance of the permanent student academic records of all its current and former students and graduates.
  2. Issuance of official academic records such as official transcript of records, diploma, and certifications.
  3. Responsible for the verification of academic information of all its students and graduates as requested by various government or private agencies and institutions.
  4. Records requests for dropping, removal, LOA, make up and completion.
  5. Evaluates studen scholastioc records based on the approved plan of study.
  6. Prepares requests for transcripts of records, true copy of grades and certifications.
  7. Evaluates records of candedates for graduation and issies certificate of candidacy.
  8. Computes weighted averages of candidates for graduation with honors and graduates with prescribed average requirement.
  9. Prepares and processes request for clearance, honorable dismissal, transfer credential of graduating and transferring students.
  10. Facilitates preparation and distribution of diploma and other certificates.
  11. Takes care of the printing of commencement program.
  12. Provides administrative support to online submission of grades.

Electronic and Data Processing (EDP) Section

  1. Maintains a computerized student records system.
  2. Attends to data control and data preparation activities including creation, editing and update of files.
  3. Encodes student data from application to graduation.
  4. Provides data entry assistance to OUR staff.
  5. Checks accuracy of OUR documents and reports prior to their release to various offices.