Enrolling Courses at UP Open University

Enrollment at UPOU is done through the online registration system (ORS) which can be accessed via the Student Portal. The ORS is only accessible from the first day to the last day of the enrollment period. Students need to complete their enrollment and uploading of proof of payment on or before the last day of enrollment. Note that the assessment of fees is also done on the ORS, and full payment of enrollment fees is required for enrollment.

The following students are eligible to enroll at UPOU:

  • Newly Admitted Students

    • These are new and transfer students who had gone through the admission process and have been officially admitted to UPOU’s Undergraduate, Professional Teaching Certification (PTC), Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Masters, and Doctorate programs.

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  • Continuing Students

    • Part-time or full-time students who are currently enrolled at UPOU.
    • UPOU students who have returned from an official Leave of Absence (LOA).
    • Readmitted students, i.e. former UPOU students who have returned from absence without leave (AWOL). An approved application for readmission is necessary to be readmitted to the program.

Are you currently on AWOL and wishes to return to your program?

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  • Cross- Enrollees

    • Cross-Enrollees are students of other UP units or non-UP units who have been approved to enroll at UPOU.
    • To enroll at UPOU as cross-enrollee, the student must secure an approved permit to cross-enroll/register form.
    • Application of cross-enrollees must be duly approved prior to the start of the enrollment period

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  • Non-Degree Students

    • Non-Degree students do not belong in any program of UPOU.
    • Non-Degree students are only allowed to enroll a total of 9.0 units (3 courses) in UPOU. Enrollment beyond 9.0 units is not allowed.
    • Application of non-degree students must be duly approved prior to the start of the enrollment period.

Do you want to enroll as non-degree student?

View the Application for Non-Degree Procedure

For questions related to registration/enrollment, contact the Registration Section through:
Tel No: (6349) 536-6001 local 102/106
Email: [email protected]

Schedules of Enrollment
Academic Year 2022-2023

Mid-Year Term Schedule

  • Registration Period:  29 May – 03 June 2023
  • Start of Classes :  13 June 2023 (T)

3rd Trimester Schedule

  • Registration Period:  05-10 June 2023
  • Start of Classes:  19 June 2023 (T)

Schedules of Enrollment
Academic Year 2023-2024

First Semester Schedule

  • Registration Period:  21-26 August 2023
  • Start of Classes :  04 September 2023 (M)

First Trimester Schedule

  • Registration Period:  25-29 September 2023
  • Start of Classes :  02 October 2023 (M)

Enroll Courses Now

Make sure you are eligible to enroll and have sought academic advising before enrolling in courses. The Enrollment Procedure will also guide you through the process of enrollment.

To enroll, log in to the Student Portal and access the Online Registration System (ORS).

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