Registration / Enrollment
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The Academic Information Management Systems (AIMS) was developed to serve as the online gateway to the university’s academic operations. A student portal is the component of the system specifically designed for students. It is where students can enroll online through the online registration system (ORS), view their grades, request documents and student ID, update their contact information, and perform other online transactions. AIMS-Student Portal is different form MyPortal.

If you are a new user, click REQUEST FOR PASSWORD. Enter your student number. You will receive a system-generated password through the email address recorded in the OUR database. Check your email inbox as well as your spam box in case the password notice gets routed there by your email server.

If you have requested a password several times, be sure to use the most recent generated password. And please make sure that you have entered your student number (year-5digits) and password (no spaces) correctly. If this still does not work, try using a different browser.

A UP student should be issued only one student number. Contact the Office of the Registrar (OUR) if you have been given a new student number upon your admission to UPOU. Once the error has been corrected by the OUR, you must use the original student number when you log in to the Student Portal.

Only the following students are allowed access to ORS:

  • Continuing students
  • Newly admitted students
  • Readmitted students
  • Returning students with approved LOA
  • Cross enrollees with the approved permit to cross-register
  • Non-degree students with approved application

You can also contact the OUR to verify your status and request permission to register online if found qualified to enroll.

You can change/correct your contact information (address, contact number, email), and your preferred Learning Center online. However, for changes in basic information like name, birthday, program, student number, gender, civil status, and nationality, you need to fill out the Request for Change in Information Form, attach the supporting document/s, and submit these to the OUR. Please refer to the Request for Change of Information procedure.

The ORS is designed in such a way that students must fill in all of the required fields, including municipality and province in the Philippine address. Once you enter information on the barangay/street field, you will be prompted by the system to indicate the municipality and province. If you are based abroad and do not have a Philippine address, leave these fields blank and proceed to fill out the foreign address completely.

Yes. If your program is offered following a semestral schedule and you wish to take courses (e.g. electives) offered under another program that follows a trimestral schedule, and vice versa, you may register during the registration periods for the trimester and the semester as long as it has an approval from your Program Chair. 

Courses are usually offered based on a program of study, and the list of course offerings per term typically includes a note indicating which cohort or batch should take which courses. Students who adhere to the approved program of study by enrolling the courses offered for their cohort every term might not need to consult with their Program Chair before enrolling. However, if you are not sure about which courses to take, or you wish to get a clear confirmation that you are enrolling in the correct course/s, do consult your Program Chair. 

Undergraduate students should get enrollment advice from the Program Chair before registering online. Or refer to the self-advising checklist provided every term.

There is a link to  on the enlistment page. Click this to display all the courses offered per program in that particular term. However, you should get the approval of your Program Chair before you enroll in a course that is not included in your curriculum. 

The general procedures for payment fees are found here

Log-in again to the Student Portal and upload a scanned copy or digital image of your proof of payment on the ORS. If you paid online, wait for the enrollment confirmation notification.

Once submitted/confirmed, courses enrolled/enlisted can no longer be modified online. However, if you have not yet paid the enrollment fees, you can request [email protected] to reset your enrollment. If you need to change courses after you have enrolled, the correct procedure is to apply for a change of matriculation.

Make sure that the size of the uploaded file is not beyond the maximum limit of 500kb. Most failures are caused by uploading a file that is too large. Check also that the amount indicated in the proof of payment corresponds to the total amount in the assessed fees.

Wait for the OUR’s confirmation of your enrollment. Please note that the confirmation may be delayed if you upload your proof of payment outside of UPOU’s office hours or during the weekend. Once confirmed, your registration status will be changed from “IN PROCESS” to “ENROLLED” when you log in again to the ORS. The enrolment confirmation also contains essential instructions such as myportal access, examination services, etc. If you did not receive the enrollment confirmation, email [email protected] You now print your registration form (Form 5) as soon as your enrollment is confirmed.

Wait for the OUR’s confirmation of your enrollment. Please note that the confirmation may be delayed if you upload your proof of payment outside of UPOU’s office hours or during the weekend. Once confirmed, your registration status will be changed from “IN PROCESS” to “ENROLLED” when you log in again to the ORS.

The ORS sets a maximum number of units per program that a student can enroll. If you have approval from the Program Chair to enroll additional units beyond the regular academic load per semester, you will have to:

The OUR must wait for the confirmed list of grantees from the Scholarships Office or the Faculty Office before the information can be entered in the ORS. You may email [email protected] for scholarship inquiries or your Faculty Secretary for free tuition concerns to verify your scholarship status.

UP employees and dependents who wish to avail of the TFE and reduced fee privileges must submit the accomplished form before the registration period. Continuing students should indicate on the form the courses they enrolled in the previous semester. Once the form has been processed, the corresponding discount will be reflected in the online assessment of fees. 

Students who have finished all their course work and are just working on their thesis or dissertation may enroll for RESIDENCE. Similarly, students who are not enrolled in any subject but who want to complete an “EXT” or remove a grade of “4” must also enroll for residence. 

Registration for residence should be done during the registration/enrollment period.

UP webmail accounts are issued to all new students who are officially enrolled. UP username and password will be emailed to students before the start of classes. Students are required to use their UP email account when communicating with UPOU offices and their professors. For inquiries about UP webmail accounts, please email [email protected]

Updated 17 December 2019