List of Valid and Invalid Remarks in a TOR

Submission of valid Transcript of Records (TOR) is essential during admissions. Some schools do not provide TORs with remarks that are considered valid by UPOU. In this case, the applicant must submit a Certificate of Transfer Credentials or Certificate of Eligibility to Transfer, and Certificate of Honorable Dismissal together with the TOR with invalid remarks, and if the application for admission has been approved, the applicant will be granted admission to UPOU but will be under the Provisional admission status.

Provisional means the applicant submitted a Certificate of Transfer Credential/Eligibility to Transfer which will be used to obtain his/her valid Transcript of Records through a school-to-school transaction. The provisional status of the applicant will be changed to Regular status by the Office of the University Registrar upon receipt of the student’s valid TOR from the previous school/university.

The transcript is considered official and valid if it bears the school dry seal and imprint, has the signature of the Registrar, and with any of the following remarks:

  1. A True Copy
  2. Copy for the University of the Philippines (Open University)
  3. For Board Examination
  4. For Enrollment Purposes Only
  5. For Further Studies
  6. For General Purposes Only
  7. For Records Purposes Only
  8. For Reference and Records Purposes
  9. For Scholarship
  10. Granted Honorable Dismissal
  11. Granted Transfer Credentials
  12. Issued for Application Purposes (admission)
  13. Issued for DECS (for Educational Purposes)
  14. Issued/Granted Upon Request
  15. Issued for Professional Regulations Commission
  16. Issued for Purpose of PD 907
  17. Issued for Studies Abroad
  18. Official Transcript of Records
  19. Official Transcript of Records for your Exclusive Use
  20. School’s Copy
  21. Valid as Transfer Credentials
  22. Valid for Scholarship Abroad
  23. Valid of Transfer

The following remarks will make the TOR not valid as transfer credential:

  1. A True Copy of Records
  2. Certified Xerox Copy of the Original
  3. For Employment Purposes
  4. For Evaluation Purposes
  5. For Reference Only
  6. For Salary Adjustment
  7. For Teaching Reference Only
  8. For Use Abroad
  9. Good for Apprenticeship Training Purposes Only
  10. Informative Copy
  11. Issued for Bureau of Public Schools
  12. Not Valid as Transfer Credentials
  13. Not Valid for School Admission
  14. Not Valid for Transfer
  15. Student Copy
  16. Valid for Ranking Purpose Only