Withdrawal of Enrollment and Refund of Fees

Refund of fees due to withdrawal of enrollment:

A student who has paid the matriculation fee but later on withdraws enrollment shall be entitled to a refund.

The refund is based on the following provisions

  • If the withdrawal is done on or before the start of classes, the refund is 100%

  • If the withdrawal is done after the start of classes, the refund is 80%

    • Semester schedule – on or before one month after the start of classes

    • Trimester schedule – on or before three (3) weeks after the start of classes

NOTE: Only the tuition and miscellaneous fees shall be refunded.

For the following cases, a request for refund/reimbursement of payment can be done anytime within the term that the payment was made:

  1. Overpayment

  2. Tuition fee exemptions and Reduced fee

  3. Free tuition

  4. Double payment

  5. Dissolution of courses

  6. Recipient of any scholarship grant

  7. A payment intended for another UP constituent university that was sent erroneously sent to UPOU

Requirements to be submitted:

    1. Letter addressed to the University Registrar (if the refund is due to withdrawal of enrollment)

      • The letter should state the reason/s for enrollment withdrawal.

    2. Accomplished Google form for refund request (Google Form)

    3. Copy of proof of payment (enrollment payment)

    4. Other supporting documents (e.g. authorization letter, approved scholarship grant, etc.)

    5. Accomplished Refund Application Form

How to apply for a Refund of Fees:

Step 1. Accomplish the Refund Application Form

Step 2. Accomplish the Google form for refund requests. The application will not be processed if the required supporting documents are not submitted.

Step 3. The registration section ([email protected]) will email you in case there are clarifications that need to be addressed. Make sure that the provided email account is valid/functional. An invalid/non-functional email account will result to delay in receiving our reply.

Step 4. You will be notified via email once your requested refund has been credited to your preferred account.

For questions or follow-ups, you may contact us by email ([email protected]) or call our office mobile number (+63) 09985553228