Manual Enrollment Procedure

The manual enrollment is done after the prescribed enrollment period has lapsed. Only those with endorsement from the Program Chair are allowed to enroll manually. In some cases, manual enrollment is also applicable to the following students:

  1. Students who are taking terminal courses, ex. Thesis, Dissertation, SP, etc.; and
  2. Students who are under the Independent Learning mode of learning, i.e. Diploma in Science Teaching (DST) students.


  1. Accomplished google form for manual enrollment; and
  2. Successful proof of payment for registration fees

How to Enroll/Register Courses Manually:

Step 1: Accomplished the google form for manual enrollment (Manual Enrollment Google Form).

Step 2. Wait for the assessed fees to be emailed by the registration section ([email protected])

Step 3. Email the successful transaction receipt to [email protected]

Step 4. You will be notified via email once your manual enrollment has been approved.

Step 5. Visit the Student Portal and check if your enrollment has been updated.

Step 6. In case you cannot access the course site even though your enrollment has been approved, please email MyPortal ([email protected]) for assistance.

Note:  MyPortal and Student Portal are two (2) different portals. For Student Portal concerns, please email [email protected], while for MyPortal concerns, please email [email protected]