Application for Readmission

Student enrolled in a graduate or in an undergraduate program whose status is absence without leave (AWOL, the student did not enroll in a term and did not apply for leave of absence) and wants to enroll back to the university needs to apply for readmission.

Application Requirements:

  1. Accomplished Application Form for Readmission;
  2. Application fee payment receipt amounting to Php 225.00. See procedures for payment of fees.

AWOL status does not apply to students under the Professional Teaching Certificate (PTC)  program.
A PTC student who failed to enroll for a specific term and would like to enroll in the next term, needs to send a letter of intent (via email or courier) to enroll again. The letter should be addressed to the Program Chair ([email protected]), copying the Registration Section ([email protected]). The intent to enroll should be done a month before the start of the registration period.

How to apply for for Readmission:

(as per OVPAA Memorandum 2023-109, issued on 11 August 2023)

Step 1: Step 1: Student applies for readmission and submits necessary (either via courier or email) requirements to the Faculty Office on or before the deadline for the term (refer to the academic calendar for deadlines).

Applications received beyond the deadline will be processed for the next term, except those applications by students with graduating status and those who are scheduled to take the comprehensive examination.

Step 2:  Faculty office endorses the student’s application to OUR Records Unit.

Step 3: OUR Records Unit evaluates the student’s application.

  1. For readmission from absence without official leave (AWOL), OUR issues readmission slips to students and reflects active status in the AIMS/SAIS/CRS upon evaluation.
  2. For readmission from dismissed status and waiver of maximum residence rule (MRR), OUR endorses the student’s application to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA).

The VCAA evaluates the student application and returns it to the OUR for the reflection of the student’s active status in AIMS/SAIS/CRS and for issuance of notice to student regarding the application.

Step 4: OUR reflects the active status of the student in AIMS/SAIS/CRS.