Application for Shifting of Program (Undergraduate Programs)

The shifting of program is applicable for undergraduate students of the Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies (BAMS) and Bachelor of Education Studies (BES) programs who wish to shift to another undergraduate program of UPOU. Associate in Arts (AA) students who wish to pursue the BAMS or BES program must complete the AA program first then apply for admission to BAMS or BES; shifting is not allowed for AA to bachelor’s program.

A current UPOU undergraduate student wishing to shift to his/her current program to another UPOU undergraduate program should have earned at least 18 academic units but not exceeding 36 academic units, depending on the program, with a GWA of 2.5 or better.

Shifting of Program Policies:

  1. Shifting of program is applicable only to continuing students who are within the Maximum Residency Rule (MRR) of the program.
  2. A student on AWOL is not allowed to apply for transfer; he/she must be readmitted to his/her current program first.
  3. The student shall not be allowed to return to his/her previous program once transfer of program has been granted.

Shifting of Program Requirements:

  1. Accomplished Application for Shifting of Program form; and
  2. True Copy of Grades (TCG).

Note: TCG and TOR from former school/s can be requested from the UPOU Office of the University Registrar. Go to the Request Documents page for more information.

[Reference: Academic Policies and Procedures Manual]

How to apply for shifting of program:

Step 1: Submit/Email the application requirements to your current Faculty of Study (FEd, FICS, or FMDS) two (2) weeks before the deadline for submission of application documents (refer to the academic calendar for deadlines).

Step 2:Wait for an email from admissions of the UPOU Office of the University Registrar notifying you of the result of your application.

updated 29 January 2021