Application for University Clearance

Who can file for a University Clearance?

The following are the students who should file University Clearance*

  •   Graduating students
  •   Students withdrawing from the program
  •   Students who will transfer to another university
  •   Students applying for honorable dismissal
  •   Students who will discontinue with their degree programs
  •   Students who have reached the prescribed maximum residency rule  

*(based on the UPOU Academic Policies and Procedures Manual, March 2021)

The  approved university clearance is a prerequisite for issuance of the following:

  •   Official Transcript of Records
  •   Diploma
  •   Honorable Dismissal
  •   Transfer Credential
  •   Permit to Transfer

  • The processing of university clearance usually takes one month since various offices are involved in its processing.
  • A student who has been cleared from the university for the purpose of securing an Honorable Dismissal can no longer enroll in his/her previous program. However, the student can still apply for admission to a different UPOU program. The application shall be through the Online Application System (OAS).


Step 1: A student files for a University Clearance

(1) Fills out the University Clearance Form. Download the university clearance form here (University Clearance Form)

(2) Submits the accomplished form to the UPOU Office of the University Registrar via email to [email protected].

Important Information: 

  • The student also needs to file a Faculty Clearance to his/her respective Faculty of Study.

             For FED and FMDS students, please download the Faculty Clearance Form.

             For FICS students, please complete this online form,  FICS Faculty Clearance form.

  • Email the accomplished Faculty Clearance to your Faculty Secretary’s Office (FEd and FMDS). Here are the email addresses:
  1. FEd:  [email protected]
  2. FMDS: [email protected]
  • Failure to apply for a Faculty Clearance can result in delayed processing of university clearance.

Step 2: The university clearance form will be forwarded to the following units: 

  • Office of the Student Affairs
  • University Library
  • Faculty Office
  • Records Section of the Office of the University Registrar

The Secretary to the Faculty (FS) signs the clearance form for the Dean.
The FS may communicate with the student for clarification of his/her purpose for clearance and for further advising.


Step 3: The Records Section of the OUR processes the student’s clearance,  specifically it:

(1)   Checks the availability of a valid and original copy of the Transcript of Records (TOR) from the student’s previous school/college/university.

 If there is a valid TOR, the university clearance will be forwarded to the University Registrar for signature.

(2)   Informs the student through email that the clearance has been approved.

(3)   Student may now apply for documents requiring university clearance through this: Google Forms: Sign-in


a) If the student has no valid TOR  from previous school, the UPOU-OUR will put on hold the processing of the university clearance until a valid and original copy of the TOR has been submitted to the Records Section, UPOU-OUR. 

b) The UPOU-OUR Records Section will notify the student regarding the lacking document via email.

c)    The university clearance should be accomplished in three copies (one each for the OUR, Faculty Office, and the student).